Do I tip Santa?

Bedford Santa works out the goodness of their volunteer heart and is happy to be visiting. They should not accept tips (or be offered refreshments!) The best thing you can do to thank Santa is to make the visit smooth and easy. Be home on time, put away your dogs, clear and light your walkways, have your teenagers and inebriated house guests treat Santa respectfully, and limit the number of pictures and conversations so Santa can complete the rounds in a timely manner. If you would like to donate to our program, please use our donate link!

What if Santa is late?

Our planning team has Santa’s visits down to a science. Santa tries to complete his route by 8:00pm, but is usually earlier. He will be visiting many families, and sometimes, he gets delayed. If Santa does not arrive by 8:30pm, call 781-275-1680.

Oh no, we are going to church/party/show Christmas Eve or my kids go to bed early! Can Santa still come?

Ideally, you will be home during the entire visiting window (5:30-8pm). We cannot schedule or promise specific visit times. If you have a small conflict (30 minutes) at the beginning or end of the visiting window, we may be able to accommodate by putting you at the beginning or end of the route.  Please leave a note in your registration and also remind the check-in table at Gift Check to leave a note.

When will Santa arrive? We can’t wait!

Santa should arrive anytime between 5:30pm and 8:00pm on Christmas Eve. Please be at home from 5:30, until Santa arrives. Make sure walkways are clear and well lit, and dogs are tied up!