How It Works


Register online


If you need help registering, leave a voice mail at (781)275-1680 or email and someone will get back to you to complete your registration.

We may call or email if we have additional questions or last-minute issues/updates arise, so please be sure your contact information is accurate.

If you are unsure of how many gifts Santa will need to deliver for an in-person visit or if you think that your plans/numbers change, please register now with your best guess and contact us on or before Gift Drop to update your plans. (Please note we do not deliver gifts left at the front door on Christmas Eve.)

Late registrations may or may not be accepted this year. Register before December 4th. Early registration allows our coordinators to plan routes and recruit enough volunteers for Christmas Eve and Gift Drop.

GIFT DROP DAY (expected December 21, 2024, JGMS Gymnasium, starting at 9am)

Prepare your gifts. Please keep gifts small, lunch box size or smaller. Make sure that all of the gifts to be delivered to your home will fit together inside one standard size pillow case. Wrap all of the gifts going to your home in the same wrapping paper. Label each gift with a sticky/Post-It ® note that has the last name used in registration and home address on the front side and the recipient child’s first name and age on the backside.

Show up at JGMS gymnasium for drop-off as early in the day as possible with your gifts. Park in the back lot (adjacent to the tennis/pickleball courts and baseball field) for easiest access to the gymnasium.

If you aren’t going to make it to gift drop, consider sending your gifts with neighbors or friends!

If you have not dropped off your gift by about 2pm on Gift Drop day, you might get a phone call reminder from us in the afternoon. Please respond to the phone call!


Be home and ready by 5:30pm. That means your driveway and walkways are shoveled and cleared of snow and ice, your outside lights are on, and your dogs are put away (even if you have a friendly dog, they might not enjoy the commotion and beard!)

Did you get additional guests or your plans change? Please give us a call at (781)275-1680. DO NOT leave gifts outside your door for Santa to discover.

Santa should arrive by 8:00pm. If you haven’t seen him by then, give us a call at (781)275-1680.