What are the gift restrictions?

  • Keep gifts small. The total number of gifts for your stop MUST fit inside a single standard-sized pillowcase. Individual gifts should be able to be pulled from the bag and handled easily with one hand. We will not be able to accept any gifts larger than 10″x7″x3″ in size.
  • One gift per child.
  • Wrap all gifts for the same address in the same wrapping paper.
  • Secure all wrapped gifts with tape, not string.
  • For each present, on a detachable tag (a “yellow sticky” works fine), print one family name and address on the front of the tag, print the child’s first name and age on the back of the tag.
  • If the child is a visitor, please label the gift using “family name” of the family the visit is registered with.
  • For last minute gifts, call us at (781)275-7631 and leave a message to request special arrangements.

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